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Black Heavy Cat

Imagine the complications in our useless livesand the frustrations we're buildingwithing our selfless triesWe're consumed within our mediocre tearsand our minds are fucked for several yearsYou live you learn, so they sayBut the lesson you have been toldremains the same every single dayBut whenever you go outdestiny is at our backsticks to you like a black heavy catWe're trying to make sense of absurd thingsBearing our burden on heavy wingsGather all our joys and sorrowsbut life is still completely shallowWe're reaching out to cease the dayand climb the highest tree in big dismayWhat drives us to improve?What drives us to go on?I don't know'cause tomorrow we'll be gone[Solo: Vestergaard][Solo: Broberg]
Aurora Black Heavy Cat

Date Added: 2007-12-29
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