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Blanka Mantra (Platinum Plus freestyle)

You know, there's millions of fucking emcees on this planet man. I'm just trying to state my claim, as one of the illest ever. Make sure when I get off this mic, there's no fucking doubt

I got drama for you dot commers
Cuz you're half ass semicolon, dot comma
Fuck if you're top blogger says your stock's ??
Blah blah blah, shots holler will pop collars
Block blocker, rocket launcher locked on ya
Pop llamas, put some coppertop through a cop's armor
Rottweiler, not wylin without my shock collar
?? king, I ran things in Gondwana
Your squad's goners it's gone beyond drama
The effects of lightning, so electrifying I shock Blanka
Valhalla, evil shall not prosper
Vulcan death, grip your neck quick, I'm Doc ??
Ain't no murder plot, don't need to plot on ya
Spread love like a hippy minus Birkenstocks and ??
My music tells a story not a rock opera
Operating all my life to ensure the mic is rocked proper
But you've been clowns since I cruised around in my mom's Honda
Since back in the days when getting props was a lot harder
Trained and then forgot order
Bring a fly to your eye like kids in Botswana asking if you got dollars
The embodiment of Bambaataa
The fifth golden ticket, Hip-Hop's Everlasting Gobstopper
Forever blasting with multiple entendres
Dropping a bomb on you while chanting the Khan mantra
I'll Genghis Khan ?? to whatever you cons conjure
I'll climb on top of your empire and swatting propcopters
Swamp stomp ya, I am God's monsters
Spewing hot lava on any plot sponsored by you cock gobblers
I am legend from heaven to drop ??
Allah Akbar I am the Quran's author
They can not stop us
We the seed of revolution like Jon Conner came back and impregnated Pac's mama

Yeah, other emcees ain't got a chance at all
Yeah, other emcees ain't got a chance at all
My whole... My whole crew wild

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