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Blessing (Pro Gun Anthem)

Yo (rest in peace)
Rest in peace to my brother Sharieef (Sharieef Clayton)
Rest in peace Kevin Judson
Jonathan Sanders, Mike Brown (word)
Sandra Bland, Chris Jackson (all that), Amadou Diallo
Fubu, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray
A lot of niggas, they were shot cause they wasn't armed
I wish they was armed
They'd be here man

[Verse 1]
Nobody in your family got an answer
For the fella that's deadlier than pancreatic cancer
Sorta manic depressing, was never a happy camper
Lil homie ran up on me, ain't know that I had the hammer
Woulda did a Troy Ave but I know that they had the camera
It could be self defense and I still'd go to the slammer?
I wish I woulda listened to my grandma (grandma!)
I wish I woulda listened to my grandma
She said survival first is in them bible verses
But you wouldn't like the circumstances, your chances is looking light on purpose
They think that I'm worthless, I'm black and uneducated
And made it, to thirty years old and I celebrate it
And I come from the pavement so I'm busting my gun still
Still live by the motto "one shot, one kill"
I'm trying to stay alive to marry my bitch
But I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six

My gun couldn't be a reason I shouldn't make it to heaven
Yeah that MAC-11 is a blessing
That .357 is a blessing
That ain't just a weapon, it's a blessing
I coulda been a victim of a few 187s
The AK-47 was a blessing
Yeah that Smith & Wesson was a blessing
That ain't just a weapon, it's a blessing

[Verse 2]
My condolences to anyone that lost a loved one
On account of a thug's gun, a son or a husband
Mother or father or homie and even a cousin
No disrespect to the thugs, cause I once was one
Purpose of these verses, we talking about the hammer
They're the reason a lot of my boys is up in the slammer
Them three-five-sevens is coming up here from Georgia
Atlanta, costs less to get a gun than it costs to get Hammer
I'm kinda torn, cause even though a lot of niggas are gone
A lot of would have been gone if they ain't keep em on em
Judged by twelve or carried by six
If I'm in jail least I can still marry my bitch (you said that)
And kiss my kids while I'm still looking em in the face
Cause there ain't no such thing as me hugging em from the grave
Your niggas woulda been pushed my shag back
If they ran down on me and I ain't have that scat-dat-dat-dat


Uncle Sharieef was a good Uncle
I loved him
He was a good guy
But guns are dangerous
And um, but, but he had one on him sometimes to protect himself
So that's okay
Cause guns can save your life sometimes
He's my dad's very, very best friend
And I'll always love him, he'll always be in my heart
I love you Uncle Sharieef and forever I will

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