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[Verse 1]
Yeah, posing for pictures on the carper with Gucci tuxedos
Funny how my life changed, they called me a zero
Taking hella vodka shots, she sipping on pinot
Fast forward stardawg still killing my people
Fendi or Louis, it's really tomato omata
Portugal for 3 weeks, I'm taking the shottas
African Prince, I'm flying with peregrine wings
Writing a cheque, I sign it with feather and ink
Clutching a tech I'm praying it never will sing
Bought me a yard, I met her I gave her an inch
Only God can change me or maybe Allah
On my good and worst days I reason wid Jah

I and I and Rastafari hold a reasoning
Jah tell mi 'son this is your season
Never let them drain this energy
That you're gonna be receiving
I'm gonna bless you up
Bless you up, bless you all
Oh, Jah blessing is forever
I'm gonna bless you up, bless you up, bless you all
Oh, Jah blessing is forever

[Verse 2]
If two man a fight, it's a eye for a eye, yo
Ya mek your bed take a lie now
Them would a dead ya fi a nice clothes
Them have we rap up in a physical
Ghetto yout nuh mek your criminal
Think we a idiot and we nuh no political
Them want fi run out aboriginal
Nah mek them try a tung and bring ya down
Fendi laces, Lord, he does me favours
The double patience with this colour we came in
Margela, my chick, 90 rnb's her favourite
His image I came in f*ck what they tell you later
We gone push and shove and it's still love
Brother, I'm still a monk, you is amongst
I got a daughter, I'm ready I need a son
I buried my brother young, you'll never know when it comes
I reason it with my mum and those before I come
Alakazam, I park a 'Rarri on my land

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