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It's all coming together

I just need to storm the weather

Yes I feel the pressure

I been on my helen keller

Hear none see none

Fear none eat them

Then proceed to feel the demons

Hear them creeping sink my teeth in

Then proceed to leave them leaking

My emotions flatline

It's neither this or that

I call it half time

In the middle of a field full of land mines

Trynna reach the goal line

Say the top is lonely

Need to see it with my own eyes

I got this

Throw my sword then go get it like noctis

You are not this

How many times have i lost it

I'm out my mind

Almost lost my soul while concious

Talking bout you got me

Stop making me noxious

You make me sick

Hate the way you label this

Close your abrasive lips

You don't speak my languages

Tired of the anxiousness

You see me and you say your script

I peep the way you put me down

I'll show you what tenacious is

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