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Why they had to take him

Why they had to take him

Gray told me and I wished he was mistaken

Daion Called me so I knew his life was tooken

Or taken

Im shooking

Shit I mean I'm shaking

So twisted don't know what I'm saying

They said they found him on the parking lot pavement

Used to tell me he can't wait to see me make it

Made sure I kept my grind and stayed patient

A whole within my heart and it already felt vacant

Now I move with the force of two young black Haitians

Want the shooter die slow with a painful venom

Actually me myself I want to go and get him

Grab a glizzy let em fly

And watch the bullets hit em

But I know he wouldn't want me dead em

And if it was me I know I wouldn't let him

How can I advocate senseless murder is bullshit

When I feel my own trigger finger itching to pull it

Ain't that something

Now I see how the viscous cycle keeps on running

Each time it comes around minds keep on numbing

Want to make them know pain but yours keeps on coming

Watch it go full circle then it keeps on tumbling

I won't let it eat me whole

A new force to achieve my goals

I got to look forward and go

A couple wise words I learned from JCole

Ain't a gun in this world that can take his soul

Im out my mind

Yuh aye

Nothing is right

Yuh aye

Clutching the mic

Yuh aye

Stead of bussing a pipe

Yuh aye

Decisions decisions my nigga

Kill or make killings my nigga

The pain is insight

Yuh aye

All through the night

Yuh aye

I cannot find yuh

Where did my conscious go

I do not know no more


*real news report of incident involving the death of Apollo Fresh's friend*

Date Added: 2018-03-10
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