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Blow 2.0

Bank account filled, bank rolls peeled
Flexin on camera baby this shit real
I’m in the hills and I’m popping these seals
I got white hoes just like seal
Life’s so surreal, place bets by the bill
I’m stunting these chicks, wipe my ass with the deals
Walk up in the club with a chick like ellie
I’m posted at the bar, can I get a refill?
10 bottles of gin, One chick and her friends
Big booty bitches shake they ass for the rent
Black benz, black tent, kush so loud you can smell the scent
All this cash all real and shit, feds ain’t got no evidence
Zans n money my medicine, 20 years balling that’s veteran
Gotta get your bands up
Juicy get the sack like santa
In a white range rove with the cannons
Livin like tony montana
Balling like an athlete, and I ain’t play one game
Let me set the scene, 30 racks on one chain

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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