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Bottle To The Bottom

[Verse 1]
You ask me if I'm happy now
That's good as any joke I've heard
It seems since I've seen you last
I done forget the meaning of the words
If happiness is empty rooms
And drinking in the afternoon
Well I guess I'm as happy as a clam
But if it's got a thing to do
With smiling or forgetting you
Well I don't guess that I could say I am

Did you ever see a down and outer waking up alone
Without a blanket on to keep him from the dew
When the water from the weeds had soaked the papers
He'd been putting in his shoes to keep the ground from coming though
And his future feels as empty as the pockets in his pants
Because he's never seen a single dream come true
That's the way that I've been feeling since the day I started falling
From the bottle to the bottom stool by stool
Learning hard to live with losing you

[Verse 2]
You wonder if I'm better off
With freedom now to do the things I choose
Well all my times my own and
I've got nothing left but sleeping time to lose
There's no one here to carry on
If I stay out the whole night long
Or give a tinkers damn if I don't call
I'm living like I wanted to
And doing things I want to do
And nothing means a thing to me at all


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