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Break The Man

[Verse 1]
This was never what I thought it was
This is not who we are
This is where someone was meant to say
Enough is enough
This is nothing like they said it would be
This is all gone too far
When everything is running out
This is love

She's the fire and the fallout
She reminds you of the things we never talk about
She's the lover with the best-laid plan
To break the man
She's a sinner in a side show
She feels at home when there's nowhere left to go
She's the devil you understand
Break the man

[Verse 2]
No more tearing the bandages off
No more living a lie
No more chewing the scenery
No more rain, no more rain
No more wondering what happens now
No more holding your feet to the fire
When everything is running down

Date Added: 2022-01-24
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