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Break Up Twice

[Verse 1]
I talked to my girlfriends yesterday
They reminded me of when you had me cryin' in my car
And when you came to my barbecue, they all gave you attitude
Well, shoot, every reason they mad at you is true

But we promised to make up
Even if it's gon' take us
All of our lives
I'm willin' to give it another try
We need to do this like
Love's on the line
This time
Boy, you know you better
Ooh, you know you better
Boy, you know you bettеr watch out
'Cause, boy, you know me bettеr
You know me so much better
You know that I don't break up twice

[Verse 2]
And my love so good it hurts
You make it work 'cause you know my worth
And I can have any man I want
But I never had nobody with a love like you

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Date Added: 2022-07-25
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