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(Girls) Bitches, uh
Bitches, uh, uh-huh

[Verse 1]
Hold my bag, bitch, hold my bag
Do you see this shit? I'ma spazz
I'm about to knock somebody out, yo, where my best friend?
She the only one I know to talk me off the deep end

'Cause that's my girl, we codependent
If she with it, then I'm with it
Yeah, we tussle, mind your business
Zu, zu, zu, zu, zu-zu-lu
That's my girl, we CEOs
And dancin' like a C-E-hoe
We about to throw them bows
Let's f*ck it up
Where my girls, where my girls at? (Woo, ooh)
Where my girls, where my girls at? (Woo, ooh)
Yeah, this the type of fight I'm lookin' for
Wherе my girls, where my girls at? (Woo, ooh)

[Verse 2]
Let mе take these earrings off and hit the boosie ratchet with my friends
Woah-oh, oh-oh, woah-oh, oh-oh (Whoop that ho)
I'ma go Lorena Bobbitt on him so he never f*ck again

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Date Added: 2022-06-20
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