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Bristol Hotel

[Verse 1]I know a fat girl, she wears a orange skirtYou give her twenty dollars and you can do workShe'll take food stamps and a traveller's chequeBecause her hair and her face and her life's a wreckShe wears a bright blonde wig, some high heeled pumpsShe's down in the dumps so she's sellin' her rumpShe's a hot little momma and she works every dayIf you wanna pay to play, here's where she staysShe's at the...[Chorus](Bristol Hotel) Room 515(The Bristol Hotel) Where that at? (Jamaica, Queens!)[Verse 2]I seen her standin' there, slutty as could beOffering the putty for a itty-bitty feeEvery red light she'll come over to your rideOr she's standin' in the doorway tellin' you to come insideThe Bristol Hotel, cos it ain't no thingAnd her meat tastes better than Burger KingJapanese executives in three-piece suitsGlasses all foggy when they come in the placeThe girlies in the Bristol, they're all in cahootsHe fell asleep and got robbed, and cold chumped his face at the...[Repeat chorus][Bristol Hotel lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com][Verse 3]Party people check the story cos the story is illIt's the story of two men, one Harold, one BillThey went inside the Bristol on a Saturday nightHarold was cool but Bill felt uptightThe girlies made attempts but Harold played it cool"Never ever rush, that's the golden ruleI been comin' to the Bristol's ten years of my lifeA-yo, what the hell? Yo, man that's my wife!"(The...)[Repeat chorus][Verse 4]You see, a Bristol girl is a one of a kindAnd if you know her good enough she won't make you stand on lineShe'll let you inside, make you pay for the rideTake off her pants and then it smells like somebody diedYou say "What the heck", because you already paidNot knowin' that the guy that went before you had AIDSBang bang boogie, she was so amusin'Next week you're at the clinic gettin' blood transfusionsAt the...[Repeat chorus](The Bristol Hotel) [till fade]

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