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Broad Day

Pull up with my niggas and we spraying shit
Bitch I keep the thirty
Keep the semi, keep the stenny clip
Niggas talking down but we spraying up that fucking whip
Niggas talking down man
Who you niggas fucking with
Man they call me king soldier, I make a hundred and one day
Niggas talking shit , bitch we pull up spray him broad day
Got my killers in the cut they cooling in the halley way
Niggas talking shit, bitch we pull up spray him broad day

[Verse 1:]
Pull up on the block
Bitch you know when I got hella bands
Man your girlfriend man
You know that that’s my biggest fan
King soldier man
I’m blowing shit just like a cooling fan
Bitch I got the oozy automatic with the cooling fan
Hop up out the whip
Man my nigga gonna murder you
Niggas talking beef
Fuck nigga we never heard of you
Swirl through the cut
And we spraying down your whole block
Bitch this money gang
Gang shit, this shit it won’t stop
Shout out to my gangs
They go crazy with those semi clucks
Niggas talking shit
We pulling up
And we got plenty docks
Bitches on my dick
Cause they nigga wouldn’t whip it right
Bitch I’m in the kitchen with my rich
You know I’m getting guack
Niggas talking shit
We pulling up and then we spraying them
Niggas talking shit
What the fuck you niggas saying there
Pull up on they block
AK and that’s the broad day
Bitch I got my killers and they cooling in the halley way


Broad day [x5]

[Verse 2:]
Five hundred thousand boy there is cash in that revenue
Calico , Killer J tell him bring that thirty G
King Soulja none of my niggas around me never heard of you
Hop in the Rari
I hop in the Goodies
King Soulja gonna swerve on you
In the fucking strip club a hundred cash purge on you
Shout out to my gang
They go hard they gonna murder you
All my niggas going hard
Bitch I’m going hell a rat
Run up on me wrong boy
I swear to GOD I spray you back
King Soulja
In this benz
In my pocket a thousand stash
Shout out to the gang
Bitch we go hard
Bitch we spraying it
SODNG that’s the gang and we ain’t planned it
Run up on King Soulja bet my young niggas
Gonna spray your face


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