Falling In Reverse - Brother Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Brother, why'd you have to go?
You left us so soon
Remember that song I wrote about your family years ago?
Well, they're waiting for you to come home
What do I do, what do I say when dad tells me to pray
So I prayed and prayed that the hurt won't go away
The pain gets worse, it never stops
And I've asked the Lord for us to swap
I begged him plea cuz you have kids to feed

Why is it always stormy weather?
And brother, tell me if it all gets better?
Why did you leave? Why did you die?
You finally made your brother cry
I know you're watching over us tonight
And I hope you're watching over us tonight

[Verse 2]
I'm sorry I missed your call
I wasn't there for you at all
And now I thought it through, maybe if I answered you
You would still be here all alone
Now no more calls, can't you see? I took for granted family
And once they're gone, you'll never get that back
No more laughs, no more hugs
So hold on to the ones you love
Your soul is free, I love you, Anthony!


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