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[Intro: Kool G. Rap]
Buck, buck, buck, buck
Cause I don't play clown
Buck, buck, buck
Take that with you all the way down

Buck, buck, buck, Buck, buck, buck
Buck, buck, buck
Take that with you all the way down
Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck
Up up up and away cause I don't play clown,(x2)

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Tell these bitches that I'm not the one
Some of them might get away but I'm poppin' one
I'm on the back of the bike just cockin' guns
German helmet, pumps and Versace stuns
I am the ninja, bitch named Ginger
Hope somebody got a couple limbs they can lend ya
Cause I'm the President, run up in ya resident
Say hello to the (gunshot) baddest bitch ya ever met
Buck buck buck, buck buck buck
Sawed-off followed by the Mossberg Pump
When I come through it get hotter than a soup kitchen
I leave clips in your head like a beautician
I hit one, you hit one, that means who alive
But if they come back to Queens thats a suicide
I got some killers, better tell these bitches who am I
In Italy already chilling with the tour guide


[Verse 2: Ransom]
Straight up, you can take this with you on the way down
Or way up, as long as my money gets paid up
My weight up, don't come into my lane with no layups
Get ate up, you see how much space your boy take up
Usually I'm calm though but when it come to long dough
I don't aim for the vest, hit you from the face up
When it's in a palm dough turn into a John Doe
I'm psycho, I think about this shit when I wake up
I don't want to starve kids, I want ya'll to all live
So I'm gonna retire in a lambo like Favre did
Aw shit news flash dummy, I'm acting juvenile, that new cash money
It's buck, buck, buck, if dude act funny
I already told niggas don't do that to me
I'm blazing the four so watch what you say to your boy
Take that with you on your way to the morgue, one


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