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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
If you and your folks love me and my folks like
Me and my folks love you and your folks
If there ever was folks
That ever ever was poor

[Verse 1]
It seems a nigga can't get a job, but I can get arrested
Thought shit was changing with this Black president shit
My bitch got me fucked up, goin' to get tested
Cause while I was locked up, she was livin' reckless
Just another ordeal a real nigga gotta deal with
If you on the bottom right you gotta feel this
I know that you're frustrated and you want to kill shit
Stock pile your weapons cause that day just might come real quick

Burn this motherfucker down (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I will burn this motherfucker down (yeah, yeah, yeah)
You and your folks, love me and my folks
Like me and my folks love you and your folks
Never was folks

[Verse 2]
They say the cop wrote a letter apologizing to Oscar
Guess they say I'm wrong because I still say drop 'em
Police in the ghetto, they is killin' niggas daily
But when we get to bustin' back, they say that we crazy
Prisons overcrowded and schools is too
Cause they undereducate ya and got a place for you
Niggas go to prison, the new age slavery
Now you know why they undereducate your baby


[Verse 3]
They say get a job, you can 'Think & Grow Rich'
But what are you to do when a dollar ain't worth shit
And the jobs ain't hirin' and unemployment is gone
They gonna repo' your car and foreclose your home
Me, I suggest you get yourself a shotgun
So when they come to evict you can make 'em run
The banks got bailed out but we still suffering
So I got a gun cuz I done had enough of'em


They say love Jesus and listen to your pastor
But Jesus told the truth and the pastor's a lying bastard
All he talk about is economic elevation
And all Jesus talked about was soul salvation
Jesus sat with the sick and He walked with the poor
And if he gave blood for our sins why we givin' more
I got some gangster disciples at church with me tonight
With that $5 worth of gas and a match book of lights


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