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Calls (Remix)

[Hook: Jill Scott]
You always answer calls, when I call, you come
You always answer my calls, when I call, you always come
You always answer calls, when I call, you come
You always answer my calls, when I call you always come

[Verse 1: Jill Scott]
I don't even have to question if it's real or not
You're right there, all times
Even when my car broke down in the parking lot
You were there, you didn't stutter or hesitate
You come to my rescue once again like that

Hook: Jill Scott

[Verse 2: Jill Scott]
Look up, cause there's a beautiful man with a kind heart
And a multiple degree in leaves we took a ride to the nearest open air
Didn't have a spear and now we're here talking
About the last bottle of Chard' of a longest good night

Hook: Jill Scott

[Verse 3: Pharoahe Monch]
Hello? Of course I do, I come when you call even before
The call is audible
Foul, then I'm swimmin' all the cool [?]
Intrinsically before you pick up the phone and dial
It's intimate connection, something triggers the smile
I'm here for you, and next to you, essential, telepathy
In the center of Times Square I feel like I'm in isolation
Tune out a billion sounds and I can signal all your vibration
Your lips, your tongue; my eyes are closed
But I can see them calling me to come
Faith without fear creates resistance from blemishes
Half way around the hemisphere, the distance diminishes
When you c-c-c-call, I c-c-c-come
My toes c-c-c-curl, s-s-s-so I can run
Like I'm the Flash, or Ironman, the U.S. mail, or fireman
The wrong times, the right time, the day time, the night time

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