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Can`t Stop Won`t Stop

[Intro: Kodak Black]
(Rippa on the beat, bitch)
Can't stop, won't stop, nigga (Yeah)
Can't stop, won't stop, never stop
Can't stop, won't stop, never

[Chorus: Kodak Black]
Can't stop, won't stop, Bad Boy
I was upgradin' from my last toy/ho
I done f*cked on Lisa, Keisha and Joy
And I ain't trippin' if you ain't takin' any joy
I was locked twenty-three and one
Now I ball like 23/twenty-three and one
Sniper Gang, I'm always playin' manhunt
I'm the one who kept it foolin' and what?
[Verse 1: Kodak Black]
Seek out the fire in my eyes but I changed though
Suck my dick, bitch, I'm too rich to drive a Range Rover
Lil' hater baby, I remember stealin' mangoes
How my side bitch f*ck better than my main ho? (Woo)
How my side bitch f*ck better than my main bitch?
Every nigga say it's smoke, they get extinguished

[Verse 2: King Combs]
I just talk that Guapanese, it's my language (Woo)
I just put some Cartiers on my main bitch (f*ck)
I just put some Valentino on my main ho (My main ho)
Bad Boy chain bussin' like the rainbow (Bussin')
I'm off Yak, I'm with Yak in the Lambo (Yak)
Yellin' out the window, "Money ain't a thing, ho"
Yeah, uh
We outside again
Couple goons with me, we ain't hidin' in
Brand new Cullinan, that's what we slidin' in (Uh)
Bad lil' bitch, I Prada, that p*ssy, guess you proud of it (Proud of it)
I can't fall in love 'cause that money be my bottom bitch
But she still suck it and then she swallow it (Yeah, yeah)

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Date Added: 2022-08-09
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