Babyface - Can We Talk Lyrics

Can We Talk

Written by babyface, daryl simmons (1993)Performed by tevin campbellLast night iI saw you standingI startedStarted pretendingI knew youYou knew me tooAnd just like a roni you were too shyBut you weren't the only one, so was iAnd I dreamed of you ever sinceNow I build up my confidenceOoh, nextNext time you come my wayI'll know just what to sayCan we talk for a minuteGirl I want to know your nameCan we talk for a minuteGirl I want to know your name[Can We Talk lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]I started to write you lettersBut I wanted to be more cleverI wanted to get down and sweet talk youHey, babyBut just like a baby I could not talkAnd I tried to come closer but could not walkAnd I think of it every nightHow I just could not get it rightOh, if we ever come close againI know what I'll say thenHookOh, girlOne more chanceWith you againI will not let it goOh, ooh pleaseGive me just one more chanceFor love, love, love, loveHook 4 times

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