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Can You Feel It?

Welcome to the minds of the infamous ones
Children of God, Jesus' Son
Gonna hit you hard it's the hitman for Christ
Gonna steal your soul, yo I just might
You had no idea that Christians coud be so hardcore
We'll keep you flowing to the rhythm seeking more and more
Can you deal with it. Cause this is real kid
You must be one in mil if you can't feel it

Yow could you fell it boy if you don't move
How could you say you feel it if you don't groove
Just let your spirit go and keep going
Don't even try to stop this flow, it keep flowing
I see you standing there, you think you're really tough
But if you you've got soul it's rockin' and it's ready to bust
Go with the flow and let yourself go
Gods' running the show, he's got control of my soul

Can you feel it 4x
P.O.D. (chant 4x)

What's the problem son, you said you wanted some
But when I started rockin P.O.D. got the job done
My Lord said hard, hard is how you hit em

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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