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Can You Help Me

Living on the edge out of controland the world just wont let me slow downbut in my biggest picture was a photo of you and me girl you know i tried i worked hard to provide all the material things that I thought would make you happyim confused can you make me understand cause im tryna give you the best of mei thought we were cool maybe i was blindand never took time to see can you help me tell me what you want from me [Can You Help Me lyrics on]can you help me tell me why you want to leavecan you help me cause without you my whole world is falling apart and without oyu i think id go crazylifes a prison when your in love alone you know i need you i dont want to be alonegirl i put your love up on a shelf and i guess i just left you to die and now were not together cause i hurt you too many times and now your not aroundi wish that every moment of time that i wasted we used it to make sweetlove want you to be my guide please take my hand want you to know that i got you if you need it want to be on the outside looking in i gotta have you girl cant you see it

Date Added: 2007-10-16
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