Lostboypoetry - Cancelled Repairs Lyrics

Cancelled Repairs

What you suppose is supposedly supposed to work.
There doesn’t seem to be any opinions that agree.
Everything will run it’s course;
This can make things worse.

Money making more people
Owning all the potential.
The most they see
Is not good enough.
How do they get there?

Minds are limited
By the limitlessly limited.
The highest gets higher,
Our sand comes from
Their rocks colliding.
How can we truly live?

It’s quite upsetting,
Knowing that my feet
May be forever sticking out
At the end of my bed.

Oh well…
It’s nice to imagine things,
Even if there’s no point in doing so.
You can’t convince anyone,
Just let them go.

Date Added: 2017-11-30
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