Babyface - Care for Me Lyrics

Care for Me

Written by babyface (1996)Performed by az yetLooking in your eyesIt's written on your faceI can read your mindYou feel the same as me, baby girl it'sTime you faced the truthYou're in love with meAnd I think it's time that you came aroundGirl you care for meLike I care for youAnd you think of me all the timeGirl you want from meWhat I want from youAnd you dream of me every night[Care for Me lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]There's nowhere you can runNowhere you can hideCan't you feel it girlYou're running out of time, baby girl it'sNothing but your fateYou're supposed to be with meSo start acting like you're mine baby, girlHookIt's really not good for meDeny the feelings deep inside youYou're really overdue, you need to open upTruly girl, it's time for you toCome to terms with what's inside youThis ain't no time to run away from loveHook 2 times

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