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Cash (Interlude)

Cash nigga, cash
Know what I'm saying
Motherfuckers call my phone, I'm answering that motherfucker like cash
Real talk dog, cash
How much, cash
Where the cash, where the cash
Your phone ring, know what I'm sayin', answer that motherfucker, cash
Don't even give a nigga enough time to be like hey man nah, nah nigga cash nigga, cash
Ya know what I'm saying, that's it
Lot of that shit
Fuck the bullshit, it's 2011, finna be 2012, 2013, 2000 motherfucking 50
Nigga cash, nigga that's it
Nothing else [?] nigga fuck your bitch nigga cash
I don't hear nobody but your problems, cash
With a big ass of that bitch
When that go chh, that mean you gotta count that shit faster
Nigga cash, cash
DJ Scream

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