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Chess Players

[Intro: BabyTron & DaBoii]
Bitch, yeah
f*ck, shit, damn
Huh, yeah (Tron, what we on, nigga?)
Nigga, on the gang

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
Three-five of Space Runtz, I'm floating like a astronaut
Twenty in my Ksubis, finna walk inside Saks and shop
You talking big money shit but you don't have a knot
Buffs white as hell, same time got the blackest pop
Hunnid rounder, ahki sliding, finna whack a opp
Two chains bust, next month finna grab a watch
Gucci windbreaker, shoes, and the matching socks
If you in the field, young boy, you better grab a Glock

[Verse 2: DaBoii]
Yeah, if you in the field, young boy, you better grab straps
Chains wet, send them bad hoes, I been had that
I'll let off the first shot and get the last laugh
And when I whip that big bitch out, bettеr back-back
Bitch keep telling me she miss mе, with her sad-ass
Pull up on yo block like Lamar, where the stash at?
I'll strip a nigga out his pockets and his Cash App
Bitch keep tryna suck my dick, where the cash at?
[Verse 3: BabyTron]
"Purple" on the tag, how the f*ck is my pants black?
Touchdown in Cali, where the f*ck is my Lamb' at?
Hunnid 201s, hit the store with a jam pack
What is in yo jeans right now? f*ck a flashback
Life double G, I just spent a sleeve in Gucci
Chopsticks right next to me, I ain't eating sushi
Checkmate, chess player, finna put my feet in Louis
Backwood, Backwood, bitch, I ain't seen a doobie

[Verse 4: DaBoii]
3.5 in the 'Wood, I ain't seen a doob'
That nigga keep asking 'bout the opps, I ain't seen 'em, dude
Backdoor me once and that's that, I can't see it through

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