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Chi-Raq (Freestyle)

All my niggas that's on the block
You know my niggas is savage
AK that'll hit your chest
And make your ass do a backflip
All up, in the field
We'll pop your ass just like a pill
Smokin' on this kush, nigga
You know a nigga straight gettin' a deal
Fuck your bitch and I quit the bitch and I hit the block and I hit the shit
AK with extended dicks that'll knock your nigga right out and shit
Leave a nigga up in a ditch
AK with the hollow tips
Nigga talkin' that fuck shit
But them niggas don't want no shit
Nigga don't want no smoke, nigga get hit in the throat
AK with the hollow tip'll hit a nigga and now he's smoke
Nigga talkin', like a joke
Pull up on a nigga, then let it go
AK and hollow tips'll hit a nigga straight in his nose
Niggas talkin' that fuck shit
But niggas ain't gon' buck shit
I pull up on their block with that Glock and I bust quick
Got goons that's gon' shoot shit
Got killas that's gon' end shit
I pull up on your block, nigga
Then I hit the kill switch
Shooters with me gon' shoot quick
We shootin' out out the Lambo
Have you ever seen a nigga come through with unlimited ammo?
We shootin' out the back door
We comin' through your front door
Got nine on me, I ain't Rondo
I'm Soulja Boy, I'll kill your folk
Run through the hood with the AK
I'm shootin' shit up in broad day
If a nigga talk shit, I'm eliminatin'
Y'all bet hollow tips gon' penetrate
Hit a nigga straight up in the face
Got the hot shit, gon' spit shit
Ain't gon' stop shit, I'ma spark shit
We comin' through your hood when it's dark and shit
AK-47 hit your heart and shit
Niggas talk shit, don't want the beef
Niggas talk shit, don't want the beef
Swear to God, you don't want beef with me
Pull up on your block, that's R.I.P
50 killers with me screamin' "S.O.D."
Lot of niggas with me gon' shoot the shit
We'll kill a nigga, I'll kill a nigga like a beat
Pull up on the block, kill a nigga like a sheet
I'll pull up on the block, kill a nigga in a sheet
AK-47, yeah a nigga totin' heat
I'll shoot a pussy nigga, leave a nigga in the street
Leave a nigga outlined in chalk
AK-47 shoot a nigga, he can't walk
AK-47 hit his heart
Pull up on the block, I ain't playin'
AK-47, 9 milli, get to sprayin'
Got a 30-TEC, got a 3rd dick
AK-47, 9 millimeter leave a nigga in a ditch
Got the hollow tip, extra clip
Shoot a nigga, leave him in the river
AK-47 make a nigga bite clipper
AK-47, shit, hollow shots
I'ma shoot a pussy nigga
Shoot a nigga in his liver
Pull up on the block like nine, all y'all niggas gon' die
AK-47 right now, I'ma let the bullets go fly
Fuck niggas talkin' that shit, fuck niggas ain't on shit
Fuck niggas ain't gon' shit, we gon' do a hit

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