Bad Religion - Chimaera- Lyrics


You took a time bomband a case of crackersand you made a maelstrom of organic debristhen you took a work benchand a rusty anviland you polished them for everyone to seeyou have created an unhealthy monsterbut you're nowhere but nowhere to be foundso I guess I'll just cope with my provisionsfrom now until the day theu lay me downyou took a babboonand made him perfectyou took a lionand stripped him of his pridethen you took a million more varietiesa scalpel and a sartoryand you stitched up a horrible surpriseyou have created an unsocial monsterand you're searched for all over the globeand most belive that things would sure be betterif you'd come down here and tell us what you knowwho is to blame for this?someone tell me pleaseHis handiwork is flawedand it's there for all to seemutataions, abberations and blatant anomaliesthey multiply and give rise to this...monstrosrityyou took the most abundant smallest bits of matterand you instilled them with affinityand then you stratified accumulationsweeded out bad variationsand blended up your unique recipeyou have created a powerful monsterwith direction and purpose all its ownand if you were herewould things be any different?or are you just a mosaic of thoughts alone?

Date Added: 2007-05-20
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