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Verse 1:
I see you standing there
Looking real nice
I bet I know what's going through your mind
You probably thinking that
Every man in here
Is looking for somebody for one night
Your friends drug you out
Cause you ain't wanna come
That's why you standing there acting stuck up
Holding up the wall
You got a misconception of man
Thinking we're all the same
Full of games
All because you ended up with the wrong one

I bet you think that chivalry is gone
Cause you ain't seen nothing like it in so long
Its when you open her door
Walk on one side of her
Or give her your coat
When its cold outside
A man ain't a man until he's man to his woman
Compliments and flowers really let's her know that you want her
Let me spread it out
Girl if you think that chivalry is gone girl imma change your mind
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Verse 2:
You're probably like
Why did I pick you??
Well...from over there you're L double O K at me like
And I was wondering
What's your N-A-M-E
How you gonna A-C-T when I
C-O-M-E over and ask you what it
Do and her reply was
S-O Double R-Y
Thanks for the compliment but i gotta let you know I'm probably not your type
You got a misconception of me
Listen and I'll make you see
Don't let one B-A-D-A Double P-L-E spoil it for the bunch

Repeat Chorus

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