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Copped the new pair x4
Yo I got some chuccs
Copped the new pair
Yo I got some chuccs
Copped the new pair
Yo I got some chuccs x7
Copped the new pair

[Verse 1:Kurupt]
Now suede and leather no not me
Original blue off white white T
Timberlands are cool but it don't snow here
I got some rare pair of chucks you can't find no where
So calm explosive moppin up the block
Swap meet edition crisp and you knew it off top
That gots to be a gangsta he's pushing too hard got that G boy stance and I’m crispy all stars cannabis medical shop doc stop do
Cop tha kush bush the bundles in the chuccs they got two you can't find a spot in LA that don't serve these and if you trip I cock and pop and serve these hollow heaven, rain like mothballs the homies serving cocaine rocks the size of golf balls and when they get they chips what do they
Go get they don't get jordans to match their khaki outfit


[Verse 2: Styliztik Jones]
Ah I copped me a brand new pair of black chuckers as soon as I scuff em I chuck em its all good cuz converse sent me a dozen saved some for me and gave some to my cuzins the youngins they like all sorts of flavors (uhu) skateboard it out with they jeans all tapered
Old g’s love them with the crease bent davis (1:47) (what up) you can tell where they from by the color of they laces haha
Goodness gracious roscoe is amazing with so much swag its outrageous and I’m from the west coast baby where I wouldn’t say they bite our style but lets just say they embrace it chuck taylor sneakers brand new features the brand new street album bang thru your speakers release ether the street sweeper heat seeking its mr Umali the all star good to meet ya


Yea ok yea ok

[Verse 3:Umali]
We only wear chuck taylors we the all stars let a hundred rappers step imma give them all boss
Calling all cards hater hit the ground hard and I put him in the ground quicker than a groundhog
You know how I start with the chuck taylor classics limited edition with the custom made fabric
Fitted hat on GQ with the glasses
You could tell us cuz the G’D up status homie got the fat laces and they tongue downs and they footsteps pound similar to the drum sound when I come around I never dress sloppy don’t confuse my confidence for cockiness
Ball like stylistic jones ball like I’m Dr. Jay mingle with a attitude but I'm not Dr. Dre you know who we are when we hit your turf say its the all star then kiss the converse


Im form another planet

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