George Michael - Club Tropicana Lyrics

Club Tropicana

Let me take you to the placeWhere membership's a smiling face,Brush shoulders with the stars.Where strangers take you by the hand,And welcome you to wonderland -From beneath their panamas...Chorus:Club tropicana, drinks are free,Fun and sunshine - there's enough for everyone.All that's missing is the sea,But don't worry, you can suntan!Castaways and lovers meet,Then kiss in tropicana's heat,Watch the waves break on the bay.[Club Tropicana lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Soft white sands, a blue lagoon,Cocktail time, a summer's tune,A whole night's holiday!ChorusPack your bags,And leave tonight.Don't take your time,Gotta move your feet, don't you miss the flight!Cool, cool, cool, coolChorusCool, cool, cool, cool

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