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Confessions Part 1

everything that i've been doing
it is all bad
i got a chik on the side with a crib and a ride
i've been telling you so many lies

aint no good its all bad
and i just wanna confess its been goin on so long
girl i been doin u so wrong
and i want you to know that

Everytime i was in L.A. i was with my ex-Girlfriend
Evertime you called i told you,
"Baby, I'm workin" (no!)
i was out doin the dirt (oh!)
wasn't thinkin bout you gettin hurt,
(i) was hand in hand in the beverely center like man
not givin a damn who sees me
so gone
so wrong
Actin like I didnt have you sittin at home

thinkin about you bein the good girl that you are
bet u probaly believe you got a good man
a man that would never do the things im about to tell you ive done
Brace yourself
it ain't good
but it would be the worst if u heard this
from somebody else


if i could turn back the hands of time
and start all over i would
instead of everything bein all bad,
baby, evrything be all good
I don't wanna lose you
but i know what i'm tellin you
ain't gonna make you wanna stay
probaly just wanna run away
mad enough to punch me in my face
i've been livin like an idiot
and i deserve every bit of it..!
i is the day
that i end all the lying and playing and the bullshit girl
i'm sorry
baby, i'm sorry
but i can no longer walk around
with this stress on my chest
i confess


Date Added: 2007-10-10
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