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Count money

Yo , young millionaire, young nigga shit man we taking over man, from the A to motherfucking LA, chiraq to the civic, SOD on T man, Soulja

All I want to do is count money
All I want to do is count money
All I want to do is count money
All these rap niggas fake so stay away from me

All I want to do is count racks
Riding through my hood with them straps
Im a real nigga so I trap
In my hood and im shooting crap
80 thousands of a dice game
Robbing banks like a heist game
You ain't fucking with my ice game
100 thousand kilo ice game
All I want to do is count money
All these fuck niggas they be looking funny
Down in Mississippi in the country
Smoking on kush and counting money


Cooking hard I done made a hundred drugs
I be trapping hard for my momma trapped in
I be in the trap doing overness
Treat it like the NFL I dont fumble hey
You homie he done tell you he ain't your homie
Snitch nigga stay away from me
I be stunting hard with my homies
I dont fuck with fake niggas cause they are phony
I be going hard doing numbers
All my young niggas yeah they stunting
Bitch we trap hard for that shit
Niggas talking but they can't finesse
Next day I done hit a plate
In zone one with 30 things
I be smoking kush you wear cheap bandana
Riding through east Atlanta


Money dance

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