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Cowbell Warrior!

Uhm, it's a good time to say "Holy smokes"

[Verse 1]
You know it's schemaboys to the motherf*ckin' grave, bitch
Sxmpra stay the same and you know I never take shit
I don't talk about it, I just spit and let the bass hit
You don't really wanna be the one to have to run up, turn and face it
p*ssy motherf*cker really wanna be the one to pull up on a brother
Wait a minute, better stand back
I'ma be the one to get a motherf*cker jumpin' to the bass
Let it rip so quick, who that?
Do it alone, now give me the bone
I'm takin' 'еm on when I pop off, let 'em fall flat
Lеt-let a man swang with a baseball bat
I don't need that motherf*cker, who mad?
Comin' from the underground, ain't losin' the sound
I'm tryna make my brothers proud, you know I'm doin' it now
These other rappers can't compete, they f*ckin' hate when they down
I came from nothin', now they just can't keep my name out their mouth
They don't really f*ck with the ones like us
And they gon' see us as a threat 'til we overcome
We tell him, "Boy, you out of luck 'cause the clock has struck

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Date Added: 2022-09-08
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