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Crash & Burn

[Verse 1]
I wish I could live my life on an aeroplane
I would have free drinks all day
And my stewardess would say

If you are under pressure
There is a mask above your head
Make sure yours is secure
Before you try to help your friend

Look out the window and see the sunshine
No more construction, destruction & dying
I could float through the clouds with my cell phone turned off
As high as I can go and I never belong

Recline my seat back
Kick off my shoes
Lay down my worries
I never crash & burn
I will never crash & burn

If I lived my life on an aeroplane
I would pick up all my friends and we would drift away
Citizens of nowhere with no red & blue divide
We would leave the world where greed and propaganda multiplies

Everywhere is love
Everyone is love
Everywhere is love


No complications
No starring roles
We would all have plenty
We will never crash and burn
We will never crash and burn



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