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Cry You A River

[Verse 1]<br />
The moment you squeezed the trigger, I felt dissed<br />
How the hell could you be so selfish, the current events that led up to this moment<br />
You masqueraded your death wish, you ain't think I had the mental capacity<br />
To comprehended your troubles and theft ness<br />
So subtle I'm breathless, Imma be just like you was my old model<br />
That was before you murked my best friend, big cousin and role model<br />
Left my soul hollow, now I hold bottles of E and J<br />
And drown myself in this alcoholic slow sorrow<br />
And I find myself not taking sips, but whole swallows<br />
And my outlook on life's meaning is so shallow<br />
You led by example<br />
Your life was the blueprint I was supposed to go follow<br />
Back to fishing due to the fact you missing<br />
At a crossroads 'cause at the wake of your untimely demise<br />
You sent me on a backwards mission<br />
Shit, I only pray that Allah has mercy on your soul upon his acquisition<br />
I can't help but find it suitable cursing<br />
You fucked up a beautiful person<br />
And still on judgment day I pray your sole gets acquitted<br />
Without question I'll always love you, I just hate the horrible act you committed<br />
<br />
[Chorus] 2X<br />
I'll cry you a river<br />
If not, then this song I'll try and deliver<br />
I'm still in denial, you can't die you my nigga<br />
I'm all out of liquor so I'm pouring out my heart to nigga<br />
<br />
[Verse 2]<br />
I'd be lying through my grill if I said it's been all lovely<br />
It ain't all good it's been a slow recovery<br />
Except when I'm drunk and bubbly<br />
Although on certain days I swear I feel your brotherly spirit hover above me<br />
Shit, I almost died seven years ago<br />
Think God point you when he said prevention for my divine intervention<br />
If not, then God I wish you do such<br />
Lately I've been

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