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Daddy Want You

My puerto rican mami from miami tried to buy me
A teddy bear so they could sleep beside me,
Wish she didn't sleep beside me,
It could have been my baby from NY, l.a., chicago, ya know
Prolly be in your city tomorrow
And if you're into sipping, let's get a bottle!
Dice, when I'm in vegas call my favorite waitress to get served.
She's rubbing all my muscles, trying to help me calm my nerves.
Baby slow it down, cause you're moving too fast!
I bought her two bags, trying to...

Chorus: (x2)
You want 'em shoes say...
Daddy, can I get it?
You want that bag say...
Daddy, can I get it?
You want them keys say...
Daddy, can I whip it?
You want that card say...
Daddy can I spend it, spend it, spend it!

Sex off the scale, neglect all detail,
Accept, you're pussy get wet like...
Tell your girlfriend! she could stop that hating,
My assistant sending your flight confirmation,
Grab that Louie duffle that I got you on your birthday,
Know this aint a game, even though I won't play!
Hop on a plane
I just got one way, you ain't going home,
Girl, you know you wanna stay, you know my name.
Don't you know who is it?
I'm such a dog, won't you tell me sick em,
Cause I chase that kitty cat girl...
Daddy's little girl, be sure I'll give you what you want!

Chorus: (x4)

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