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and of the Guiding GazeWho can feel the Plenitudebeyond his own Emotionsa Pleasurable Friendof Beautiful IngravidnessWho possesses the security completeof following the Way towards Eternity The Cosmic Progression of his Feelingsin This my Great Cause did captivate Himand the Greatness of his Magicdid transform Him into a Psy Atmanwhen the Light within his Eyesdid contemplated my Great Essencewith one last Glance upon the Windand one Last Thoughthis life and flesh did He renounceand his Existence dedicated to the Purest Artwhen the Beating of his Heartwith my Charm did Fall in Lovethe shine and throbbing of his Being for MeLord of PlenitudeLord of IngravidnessLord of Eternityin my Soul no more desirein my Soul no more illusionone Reason only has life stillin my Soul no more amusementonly Devotion and Deliverance is there stillwithin my Soul no more affectionwhere Plenitude, Ingravidness and Eternity do Reignthere still remains The One Objectiveto Exist and Be a Psy Atmanwith Art, with Art… for a shieldHe dreamed of a WorldReigned upon by Magic and by Artand now, being part of AtmanHe does Create, and Live, and Proclaimthat He did always know the day would inevitably come!!!Thanks to Darshan Psy for sending this lyrics.
Atman Darshan

Date Added: 2007-12-28
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