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I am one man, without the answers or the key
I am no one, why do you idolize me
You need inspiration, to go another day
Why must you constantly look my way

And when your world begins to fall
I am the one you look to, to fix it all
And every time you look deep inside of me
You take away another piece of me

When your eyes are far away
I can see you looking to another day
And I know what you desire is more
But I'm not the one you're looking for

When it seems like it's all in vain
I like to dance for a while in the rain
You take it all from deep inside
You take it all from deep inside

You rape my mind, conscience, body and soul
Why do you look to this frozen, empty hole?
I'm not the one that you truly desire
I'm not the one who sets your soul on fire

Date Added: 2017-08-24
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