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Deuces Wild

[Verse 1]
Rolling old school on second avenue in second gear
Re-ing up already the first gone and the second here
Out the window, see an image, kind of fuzzy but it's getting clear
It's a nigga, with a pistol, moving quick and he's getting near
Hot hand reaching for the heat on the other seat
Oh shit, 'nother nigga, at the window, on the creep
Hold up but it, I ain't trippin' I was slippin', got me
In fact lil buddy let me show you just how G I be
You can have this 4-4-2, and you ain't got to worry 'bout me
2 stacks on the seat, half an O' in the trunk
If you don't mind can I keep the purp sack and the blunt?
That's when the second nigga said "let's put him in the trunk"

What? I can't let you do that. You can have this motherfucking car and this money, but nigga you are NOT getting me in this motherfucking trunk. Fuck that. Shit, we all fix'n to go to jail, hell, or the hospital tonight

[Verse 2]
Look shorty, understand, I heard what yo nigga said
But I'm a grown man, (?), I ain't about playing
I told you, you can have the money, have the car, have the rock
But putting me in the trunk, shit, that's where all that shit stops
That second little nigga must ain't like what I said
'Cus that faggot little fucker hit my fat ass in the head
That's when I realize this little shit about ready to bust
Pupils dilated, and this little fucker geeked on dust
I'm dealing with a greedy junkie with a monkey on his back
Think fast before that junkie monkey go click clack
So I asked the number one, "You got fiends in ya pack?
What kind of glass dick sucking Omar shit is that?

You gonna let this mother fucking junkie get you a murder case nigga?
And you
Got an easy lick nigga? Take this car nigga, take this dope, take this money
Get the fuck from 'round here nigga. Don't let this motherfucking fiend fuck up
Yo life
This nigga don't love you, this nigga love dope, nigga. Fuck you talking about?
Pussy niggas get that motherfucking gun away from me nigga

[Verse 3]
Hopping out, "Where the brick at?" "Its at ya momma's house."
He geeked up, sounded like a demon talking out his mouth
Talking 'bout he gonna put a pistol in my momma's mouth
Simultaneously I'm spazzing, nigga dimeing out
For me or you tonight, nigga, liquor they'll be pouring out
Grabbed his pistol, pushed it left, and near tried to knock him out
He's screaming for his homeboy, I'm reaching in my pocket now
Stick him with that sugar, where the fuck is that 3-80 now?
My fat ass running round that car, like a kid playing hide-and-get
Number one shooting at me, yelling all kind of bull shit
Got that rocket out
My wallet pocket, now I'm talking shit back
He bit the clip, so I shot him in his ass as he ran back

I told you motherfuckers! You can have the car you stupid mother fuckers
God, this nigga getting me shot at. You stupid motherfucker
Hey look, number one left, you a geek (?), you stay down
Mother fucker, y'all young niggas so fucking greedy...

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