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Disposable Teens

And I'm a black rainbow, and I'm an ape of god
I've got a face that's made for voilence upon
And I'm a teen distortion, survived abortion
A rebel from the waste down

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah

I wanna thank you, Mom, I wanna thank you, Dad
For bringin' this fuckin' world to a bitter end
I never really hated a one true god, but the god of the people I hated!

You say you want an evolution? The ape was a great big hit!
You say you want a revolution, man? Well I say that you're full of shit!
We're disposable teens, we're disposable teens,
we're disposable teens, we're disposable.

Chorus Repeat.

The end! Thank you! Love, Krissy-michelle Thompson; a fellow Mansonite
Marilyn Manson Disposable Teens

Date Added: 2007-12-02
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