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Do Yo Shuffle

[Girl:]Man Ya'll Heard Bout That New Dance Solja Boy Got Out? The Shit Is Fly. I Was At A PartyThe Other Night He Came Inside Doing His Dance Everybody Was Like[Chorus:]Man,Do Yo ShuffleDo Do Yo Shuffle, Do Do Yo Shuffle, Do Do Yo ShuffleDo Yo Shuffle Folk, Do Yo Shuffle Folk,(Folk)Do Yo Shuffle Folk,(Folk)Do Yo Shuffle Folk(Folk)Do Yo Shuffle Do Do Yo Shuffle Do Do Yo Shuffle Do Do Yo ShuffleDo Yo Shuffle Folk,(Folk)Do Yo Shuffle Folk, (Folk)Do Yo Shuffle Folk, (Folk)Do Yo Shuffle Folk(Folk)[Verse 1:]I Do My Shuffle With My Boys And We Fresh Like It Ain't Nuthin Me And Squad Blocking Sittin On 24's StuntinI Do My Shuffle Work (Work)Check My Footwork (Work)Soulja Boy 2006 And They All Gettin MurkSee My Squad We Too Clean When We Do Our Shuffle Dance. Errbody Leave The Flo When They See Pull Up My Pants Cuz I'll Jook Yo Boy [Do Yo Shuffle lyrics on]And Do Yo Boy Soulja Boy Yeah Man I'm Coming Though Yeah Boy[Chorus][Verse 2:]Well I'm Back On The Track Girl Bend With It What I Say Posted In My Blue Tee, Yep She's A Doo HeadHands On Yo Hips And Make Yo Backbone Slip Soulja Boy In This Thing Let Me See You JipErrbody Wanna Hate But I'm Jus Having Fun Wanna See Me On The Net Go To Souljaboy.ComAnd What It Is Yo I'm On The Mic Cuz I'm A VeteranCheck My Dough Got The Pussy Sleep Like Some Medicine[Chorus][Verse 3:]I'm Getting Calls On The Phone And Emails On The InternetSouljaboy.Com Or Urbanent.NetThe One I Am ChosenMy Wrist It Is Frozen Man All These People Hating Cuz My Rims Still Rolling Ay What's HaneningNo U Can't Do My DanceWatch Me Do My Shuffle, Snap My Fingers And Hold Up My Hand#1 Rapper In The New School SubOn The Top 5 For The Top 10 Billboard[Chorus]

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