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Do You Know

[Verse 1]
I got out of the pen in the year 2000 (and then?)
Hooked up with my man, DJ Mark Ronson (and then?)
Started making records with him and this kid Ben (and then?)
Met dead prez, and big M (and then?)
Made a lil' demo, that joint was potent (and then?)
The streets recognized I was better than most men (and then?)
Alchemist laced me with not one joint but ten (and then?)
Met my man Gotti (who Irv?) no, Jonathan (and then?)
Made a little label we called The Nation (and then?)
Decided we better off independent (and then?)
Came out with that Kay Slay joint and it went
And I was really just giving niggas a hint (and then?)
Met Sha Money XL and 50 Cent (and then?)
Them niggas said, "Work hard"—I knew what that meant (and then?)
Went back to the lab and now it's evident (and now)
Niggas know Saigon flow is heaven sent

Do you know that you ain't got a style like I do?
(Nah, nigga, not you)
Do you know that you can't walk a mile in my shoe?
(This is real gangsta shit)
Do you know that you ain't got a style like I do?
(Who you?)
Do you know that you can't walk a mile in my shoe?
(Gangsta shit)

[Verse 2]
I ain't the number one stunner
But best believe I be amongst some gun runners
Test me if you wanna
I ain't gon' front, you impress me with your Hummer
But son fucking yo' bitch impressed me even min-ore
Min I mean more, you don't want a win-ar
‘Cause you'll be deader than a nob on the din-or
Made my own language, now I'mma stop
I quit fucking with wankstas, now I'mma drop
Ayatollah laced the beat like, "Whoa, that boy bad"
What you thought, 'The Life' was all he had?
This a taste of the new shit to make 'em lose it
You ain't gotta stand in front of the speaker to face the music
I was a thug before it was a gimmick to be
I feel like all you rap niggas is mimicking me
I'm sick and tired of saying this damn shit
But I'mma say it one mo' 'gin so yo' men understand it


[Verse 3]
What you know about guns in the glove compartment?
What about the thugs that love to start shit?
What about the ones that hug the park bench?
Slugs flying out of a car with dark tint
Look, I don't know what you know but I know ‘cause I go
Back like Kareem Abdul Jabbar's goggle
Back like a CXR throttle and y'all know my motto
Where ever I go I got the roscoe
When I blow the cannon at your cabbage
Then slide off with my bitch like Macho Man Randy Savage (oh yeah!)
Rap about love and your mama will pick it up
Could rap about the government, Osama will big it up
Rappers can't see me ‘cause they minds ain't big enough
They need to fuck raw ‘cause they rhymes ain't sick enough
You homosexual thug, gay killer
Niggas like you cross over like Andre Miller


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