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DPG- Unit

Doggy struck a match and the match went out
G-Unit, is in the motherfuckin house

[Snoop Dogg: echoes]
Oh shit! (DPG) Yeah, haha
It`s the motherfuckin DPG G-G-G-G Unit!
Can you believe it? (believe it)
On some gangsta shit, y-yeah
On some gangsta shit, straight up nigga
Check this out right here though
Check it check it out, check it check it out

[Interlude: Snoop Dogg]
Doggy struck a match and the match went out
G-Unit is in the motherfuckin house (DoggHouse)
You keep talkin shit I`ll put my gun up in your mouth
My gun up in your mouth, I`ll show you what I`m `bout

[Snoop Dogg]
Sit back, kick back nigga `fore I click-clack
Dig this, I did that but I can`t admit that
Niggaz want some get back, I know it so I get strapped
Suckas took they laws off, these hoes want my draws off
Cuz tried to foul me, but I had to steel back
In fact when I hit him he was bloody in the bilz-nack
His buddy tried to peel back, but I had to kill that
Real niggaz from the turf, shit I know y`all feel that
We won`t talk, ain`t no need for that (fuck that)
The word on Snoop is I`m a G for that
A `G` for what? Fuckin niggaz up with no talkin
See the best way to leave a nigga`s off in a coffin
And now I`m back on the set and I`m walkin
I done it so clean ain`t nobody even talkin (shhhh)
It`s like flippin a bitch, I`m Crip`n with this
I`ll fuck around and have you niggaz missin and shit

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg (Daz)]
Doggy struck a match and the match went out
G-Unit is in the motherfuckin house (Motherfuckin house!)
You keep talkin shit I`ll put my gun up in your mouth
My gun up in your mouth, I`ll show you what I`m `bout

[Daz Dillinger]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I here to replenish opponents, you gangstas
Ain`t nothin goin on but the crazy DPG Unit, BA-BAY!
Who that nigga you love to hear from?
I`m comin back with the full artillery, comin back with them full drums
I`ll beat yo` ass and I`ll stomp you out
With Buck, Banks, 50 comin just to stomp you out
Snoop and Supa, Daz C-walkin again for the cash
We came from playin them fuckin games so raise up the flags

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Now keep talkin bitch nigga, lay your body in chalk
G dippin, we Crip`n, Dogg Pound Gangsta mission
Blastin a straight assassin flashin the heat
Mashin with G-Unit, we do it, nigga please move it
Don`t make me cock cause I won`t stop
I got you scoped in my infra, fuck up and I`ll getcha
(Givin death to a nigga tryna fuck wit a G)
I got my 9 in my pocket bitch, kick off an apocalypse


[50 Cent]
Nigga now gotta let me break it down for you how it`s gon` be
You don`t wanna fuck with Snoop cause then you gotta fuck with me
G-Unit, DPG - go `head
Start some shit, I got my strap with me
Watch how niggaz get to duckin when I get to bustin
It`s nothin, I`ll touch him for talkin too much I`ll cut him
Push my knife in then fuck him
Man, pussy niggaz don`t deserve to breathe
The strong survive, the bitches perish nigga you`ll see

[Young Buck]
Ain`t nothin like the smell of gun powder, the shells hittin the pavement
Even the paramedics couldn`t save him
I gave him one to the chest, and sixteen to the face
Got knocked then call Cochran to get me off the case
We on deadly grounds, I done been to hell and back
I had to stand out in the rain just to sell my pack
Hangin outta the back of the black Cadillac window
Adrenaline pumpin, the infra-red on his temple


[Lloyd Banks]
I`m straight outta Southside Jamaica nigga
I`m `bout my paper nigga, your words won`t make or break a nigga
I`ll put yo` bitch on a track, make her break a nigga
Got rings like a Los Angeles Laker, nigga!
We smoke more than you can handle
So on my regular day I burn longer than a Rest In Peace candle
And my neck piece is a anchor
A G-Unit gorilla`s equivalent to a Dogg Pound Gangsta


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