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Live In Sumfest 2006 Jamaica (Weed Break)

[Bob Marley`s "I Want To Love You" playing]

[Young Buck:]
Hey yo put your hands up
Put your hands up
Put `em up
Hey yo make some noise in here man
Make some noise

[Bounty Killer:]
Give it up for G Unit
No no no
I want a warm Jamaican tropical welcome
Give us a warm welcome
some hospitality for the GGGGGG G Unit
DJ Whoo Kid
You know we smoke yo
Its like I got the juice
So you know I got to do something
Drop a beat man
Hold it hold it
Music please

[Mobb Deep`s "Quiet Storm" starts]

[Bounty Killer:]

[speaks indistictly]

Yo G Unit

[Young Buck:]
Yo make some motherfuckin` noise
Now see I feel like i`m at home know
I feel like i`m at home now
Say Whoo Kid
You know one thing?
I ain`t hydroed yet

[Snoop Dogg`s "Drop It Like Its Hot" starts playing]

[Young Buck:]
Put your hands up
Put `em up..
Put `em up
Put `em up
Put `em up
Put `em up
Put `em up
Come on
Hey yo
If you represent Jamaica make some noise!
You know what Whoo Kid?
I ain`t hot enough yet
Fuck that
Everybody put your hands up
Everybody in here
Whoo Kid, give me somethin` else I can finish smokin` my weed to nigga

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