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Dramatica Mujer

Esta es la mas dramatica historia
Acerca de una mujer
Bella, desnuda en un cuadro
Que yo tengo en la pared
Y que sonrier al mirarla
Casi haciendome creer
Que del amor no se nada

Dramatica Mujer

She is mostly a ghost
The way she watches over me
She complains when I smoke
But then you do the same to me
She is controlling my brain activity
Knowing when I go to sleep
She will catch me when I am falling hard

Y por su forma de ser
Yo pense que tal vez
Me envolveria en el placer
Me enviciaria a socorrer
La sed de su amor
Que en apariencias me dejo
Dudar sin razon
Porque al final me hace feliz

And it is fine
Because she is with me now
Most all of the time
Trying and saving my life
Thinking not of her own
And always kissing me goodnight
When I just need to be alone
She is so sweet so discrete
She is exactly what I need
Not even make believe
She is not so usual

Que Brinque, Que Salte

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