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Where someone was beforeWhere life is a lie and humanity is no moreNo more than an illusionNo more than an aspectSuffering from a pain that doesn't really hurtBut causes damages to his fulfilmentsTheft of feeling by the corner of an eyeA lobotomy gets its part of impeachementsComputerized animation of existenceA life engulfed under a synthetical brainThe pain of an electronic pestilenceBurning microbes running into corporate veinsSomebody stole all of his emotionsThere are no laughs, no tears, no sleepFading and fading, he never asks questionsThe needle has gone too deepDon't ask him the goal of his lifeHe will never knowDon't ask him the goal of his lifeHe's a robotPrey of mad science, lobotomizedTransformed into a zombie, inhumanizedVision brings the memoryOf a life under a human formMemory brings the visionOf a present that is not conformedSee what you've done to that manSee what you've doneHe does remember the sorrow, the joyBut doesn't feel them anymoreBecause the anger of being a toyFor sure would be filling his coreHe is the first one to beWhere someone was beforeLiving in the present by a body of the pastOnce it was his ownBut it is not anymoreThat body is alive but its life didn't lastHe's been droidomized
Obliveon Droidomized

Date Added: 2007-12-21
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