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Technocarnivore Mothermouth

In the matrix mind you will have to roamTripping over selective memoryDown a channel that runs aloneGlass membranes give birth to atomic spinesBe a part of the plan or return to dustFeel observed cause mother knows where you hideDid you look at the big eye set for usTechnocarnivore mothermouth March past on conveyorsTechnocarnivore mothermouthFeed the craze of your soldiersLoad a bliss and trade your identityMother’s making slaves of the mouths to feedHave you lost your sense of humanityMother eats your soul with the jaws of greed*ChorusMatch the wave when you sense the craveFear the fangs of voracityFeel the lust of the big machineThat drinks the blood of your fantasies*ChorusTechnocarnivore mothermouth *ChorusFibroid pipelines give you sustenanceA fly caught in the web is your meal todayHungry warhead jawbones wait behindReady set to bite when you run awayTechnocarnivore mothermouth
Obliveon Technocarnivore Mothermouth

Date Added: 2007-11-30
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