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E Factor

With their strength and perseverence they try to break your will. As cunning as a panther, the strength of Hercules. Like crusaders on their quest, the vanquished fall. You hear their cries from wounds once inflicted. Who are they to persecute en execute the convicted?Wave your rights goodbye; their justice - just a lie. Scales of justice tip towards them, we are left to die. EAT. EAT. Never cry 'Defeat', and against 10,000 strong, firmly plant your feet. EAT.EAT. You're not the only one. We carried out our plans never to succumb. THIS IS THE E FACTOR. Wanderingalone, you live your life - no shame. Never crashing through the Darkened Days. You can never bring us down, things you say or do. Watch it man, cause now we're watching you. On a cold blue night, hear them scream in action to in ation, so it seems. If you don't feel it ask the person next to you. This is real life, it's very true.Meaning: Eating your words and contradicting yourself.
M.o.d E Factor

Date Added: 2007-12-16
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