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The Ride

Your heart is pumping, you're sure to scream. You'll always go, for another ride. The second time, you'll be on the other side. You hold on tight, you have no sight, not even a clue. The carnie man has a plan, they know what to do. Round and round and round and round and round you go. Where you get off, only we'll know. You find yourself in a cold room of glass. Signs of counless children, reflections past. Things you knew and loved are hard to see. Your body's empty, your wills been taken by me. Submerged - Tell ya what I'm gonna do. Submerged - Someone's gonna make a slave out of you.Submerged - Not really sure the price you'll bring. Submerged - And you're not gonna say anything. Submerged - Now for the shocking truth. Submerged - Our conditioning it's "fool proof".Submerged - Endless stock, supply and demand. Submerged - How about another ride, the kiddies ride for free. Another day, another town. Gather round for the greatest show on earth. That's it folks, there's for one and all. And the kiddies ride for free.Meaning: Substance abuse
M.o.d The Ride

Date Added: 2007-11-02
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