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I'll plow you down and never look back.Nowhere to run, cause I kicked in high gear.You're shit outta luck, know the ending is here. ...I'm the man with the supertouch. Nitro's my fuel, it runs through me like piss. Anger, my mood, pain's high on my list. I nail the gas, push my foot through the floor. I pray to God, death don't knock at my door. ...I'm the man with the supertouch. Confide in me, the Chosen One. Heart of stone, ice for blood. ...I'm the man with the supertouch. You beg for your life on your knees. I'll show you no mercy... Supertouch. No matter how loudly you plead.I won't hear a word that you say... SUPERTOUCH.
M.o.d Supertouch

Date Added: 2007-11-04
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